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    OAG Flight Planner (CD) - 1 Year / 12 Issues
OAG Flight Planner (CD) - 1 Year / 12 Issues 

Powerful CD and online flight itinerary builder

Key Features

  • The only place you’ll find all flight schedules
  • Accurate, up-to-date and independent information
  • Includes low cost airlines
  • Shows connecting flights with official minimum transfer times
  • Fast, convenient CD or online access
  • Search flights by:
    • preferred airline
    • airport and city code
    • airport and city name
    • nearest airport
    • best connection.
  • Link to airline websites for quick booking
  • Personal and corporate preference options
  • Multiple traveler profiles
  • Cabin class availability and flight status look-up
  • Seating diagrams, terminal maps and destination guides
  • Download flights to laptop and PDA (from the online version)

Key Benefits

It’s no secret: most travel companies limit your choice to their ‘preferred airlines’. You know this. We know this. So doesn’t it make sense to turn to the only source that shows you every flight worldwide?

Not only do you get all flights at your fingertips, but OAG Flight Planner can also help you make better travel plans by working out the best connections for you, by searching for flights which suit corporate and personal preferences and by building flight itineraries for even the most complex of trips.

As for reliability, the airlines count on OAG – so you can too. Whether you go for online or CD access, you’ll be relying on up-to-date flight timetables that won’t let you down.

Intelligent planning for multi-flight itineraries – the smartest flight tool available

An OAG Flight Planner subscription includes an updated CD ROM each month, or a User ID to access the Web-based database. The WEB version can also be dowloaded to your PC.

OAG Flight Planner (CD) - 1 Year / 12 Issues
Price: US$407.00 (CA$ 451.77)


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